Star Jalsa best tv serial you should watch

Star Jalsa is one of the best Bangla tv channels for TV serials. Ke Apon Ke Por is a tv serial that was released more than three years ago. It was called the most popular tv serial in Kolkata and almost every part of India. Also this serial popular in Bangladesh.

ke apon ke por
ke apon ke por

About Ke Apon Ke Por tv serial:

Ke Apon Ke Por' is the most famous shows on Bengali TV. The series has been operating successfully for at least three years. Pijush Ghosh and Nafisa Susmita direct it.The language of this tv serial is Bengali.Reshmi and Shaoni are the Executive producers. Also, there are three producers Surinder Singh, Gurjit Singh, Sushanta Das.The release date of this show is 25 July 2016.

Ke Apon Ke Por serial all actress name:

Real Name
Joba Sengupta   
Pallavi Sharma
Parambrata Sengupta or Param
Biswajit Ghosh
Tulika Basu
Gouri Sengupta
Itu Das / Itu Sengupta                                           
Titli Aich
Mayuri Dasgupta 
Indrakshi Nag
Aditya Chowdhury or Adi   
Aritram Mukherjee
Tamoghna Sengupta or Tanna   
Sayan Karmakar & Tanish Chakraborty
Sanjay Singh or Sanju
Arindya Banerjee
Soheli Chowdhury    
Shaon Dey
Rinki Chowdhury  
Sampita Sarkar
Koyel Sengupta
Simran Upadhyay & Ragnita

Ke Apon Ke Por Story:

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