Picking the right bike geometry, pedals, and handle is vital. Here is a perfect guide for beginners that help them to buy the right bike race investment.

Bike Race: A Perfect Guide For Beginners 

You will need a speeding bike for a bike race. Biking is not only fun but also a way to enhance fitness. It offers efficiency, agility, and speed to the rider. Before you search a race, the bike goes through this guide thoroughly. It allows you to know what style and accessory you should prefer? Being a bike specialist, the details related to frame geometry, frame material, and components are well packed. So, get to the point now.

Bike Race

The type of road, such as a mountain, touring, or hybrid, determines the bike type. Race bikes are generally lightweight frames and wheels. Also, it has narrow tires and wheels. With a composite front fork, it has no rear suspension. The primary function is to intend rider fitness in competition.

Frame Geometry

All race bikes look similar, but there is a subtle difference in the bike frame. It is manufactured with recreational or sport geometry. It thus becomes ideal for a competition that covers 20-150 miles. They are specially designed for more extended organized events. The upright riding position and steering stay relaxed to perform well in the game. It must be more stretched and flexible to enhance aerodynamics. It features lighter wheels, higher-end components, stiffer frame, and steeper price tag. A flat bar is popular. The bike is equipped with entry-level components to mid-level components.

Frame Materials

The frame material could be carbon fiber or aluminum. Most of the bike race frames made using aluminum as it offers a smooth ride and is less expensive. However, carbon-fiber provides more comfort. It gives a vibration-absorbing bike riding. It is costly and requires a labor-intensive process. The quality depends on the result and specific frame design. You should go with the strongest and lightest, i.e., carbon-fiber frame material. If you need the fastest, aluminum is the best choice.

Bike Race Components

The parts attached to the race bike contributes to bike components. It will contain wheels (spokes, axles, hubs, rims), brakes, seat post, pedals, handlebars, and drivetrain like gear lever, brake lever, etc.

Group Sets

It is a set of parts from the manufacturer. The group set has a stylish, consistent display that is refined and contains assortment. It defines the bike quality. The group sets include general use level, entry-level, high-end level, mid-range level, and pro race level.

Gearing And Cranksets

The pedal will turn a component and rotate the wheel through a chain known as crankset. The bike race can have compact, double, or triple crankset. It refers to the size and number of chainrings. The most common arrangement is a compact crankset that prevents annoying shoe rub like issues. You should go with a thin or triple crankset. The flat-land and keen cyclists need a double crankset. Drivetrain offers a more excellent gearing range. It has teeth on the cassette. It is an inexpensive way to change gear on the bike.


Wheels will have an impact on weight, bike aerodynamics, and acceleration of the bike. You need to buy an upgraded wheelset with increment in responsiveness.


The pedal comes with toe cages. If you wish to have a clutch with maximum efficiency, then clip-in or cycling shoe pedals are the best.