Mobile Phones In The Classroom – Why Should Be Banned
Today everyone uses a mobile phone, including kids. Young people use their phones for chatting and communication with friends and parents, for entertainment with music and games downloads and much more. And like young, kids also have a craze for using cellphones.

They keep their cells with them, even they take phones in their classrooms. Taking cells in class is not suitable for kids. A classroom is a place of learning, and cellphone distracts kids from learning. So, it is disadvantageous to use phones in school. Thus, now its time to banned mobile phones in classes at school.
Here are some reasons why mobile should be banned in classrooms:

Distract the whole class:
A beeping text or ringing phone is all distracting that disturbs the entire classroom. School is a child workplace, and if cellphones are ringing, then it distracts the child. The most child does not keep their phone in silent mode, and the whole class distracted from ringing phone.

Reduction in learning- Mobile:
Most kids hide their phones behind the bags and start chatting or messaging with their friends. That’s why they can concentrate on the class. Due to using cellphones in the classroom, kids don’t make efforts to learn new things.

Grades falling:
When kids spend most of the time on cellphones, they don’t complete their work, and grades drop dramatically. Moreover, kids have a terrible habit of looking at their phones before starting any work. So, it creates distractions among kids, and they can’t focus on their work.

Can cause of depression:
Due to the increasing rate of cyberbullying, kids are more active on social media. At social media platforms, kids looking at different things. Sometimes these things get kids upset and over-thinker. Social media also lead to adverse effects on kids; that’s why kids are unable to concentrate on their work.

If kids are regularly using their cell phones in the classroom, then they do the same thing at their homes. Kids got distracted, and they not doing their classroom work. That’s why their grades regularly drop that is bad for their career. If phones banned in the classroom, then students at least complete and focus on the classroom work.

Cheating- Mobile:
As said before, kids are distracted from phones and don’t do focus, so when tests have arrived. Kids have no idea about answers, and that’s why they will try to cheat answers from cellphones. If a student is cheating, they have taken only grades, not knowledge that creates a problem in the future.

Social life:
Most professionals believe that student social life is also essential. Social life taught so many things to kids like interaction with people, different facts, and much more. But being involved in the phone all day is not suitable for kids. Sometimes kids forget that there is a real-world outside the phone. The critical fact is that kids forget the values of things, respect, love, and many more things.
There are a vast number of drawbacks to using mobile in the classroom. So, cellphone should be banned in school for the betterment and improvement of kids.