Preparing home food is so underrated in this 21st century. Home food cooking is one of the best things which a person can do on its own. There are ample of advantages linked to it. Usually, people feel that it requires a lot of effort and is time taking. But that is all just a myth. 
There needs to be a balance between your healthy diet and work schedule. The person who is always on the go and consumes unhealthy packed food or junk food cannot stay healthy. The body of such persons would give up soon. 

So, if you are one of those people who want to live healthily and eat healthy home food, then here is a quick solution for you all. Here are some simple, sorted and less time taking home-cooked recipes which hardly takes 10 minutes to prepare and cook. 
  • Home Food Salmon with Beans Salad 
  • You find tuna salad boring now? Try this home food for a different taste. The dish requires canned salmon and some cannellini beans, some vegetables and herbs. This dish also tastes great if taken with pita bread. 
  • One tastes great than the tuna salad. 
  • Comfort Home Food Quinoa Cereal 
  • Is known for its nutritional value and is loved by all. It is high in protein and is suitable for vegan people. Quinoa, if soaked well, takes only ten minutes to prepare in the morning. 
  • Milk of your preference and top it up with dry fruits, dry berries, peanut butter, fruits or seeds. This gives you enough energy to start your day with great action and enthusiasm. 
  • Chicken Burrito for Lunch 
  • Does not love burritos? It is a great money-saving meal for lunch. Use some leftover chicken. By adding some avocado and delicious cheese takes it to another level in taste. 
  • The dish includes mixed peppers, green leaves like lettuce, onion, tomato. It is a fulfilling dish for a person. You can even save the mixture of the burrito for next time use. 
  • Poached Egg Toast with Avocado 
  • It is everyone’s favourite dish yet people visit restaurants to eat it. Though you can easily prepare it at home. Making it at home completes the nutritional level of this dish. You will be able to get proteins, enough fats and carbs for a day. 
  • Forget to add parmesan and some herbs to make it more tempting and delicious. 
  • Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas 
  • Name of the dish is enough to wake up your taste buds. These quesadillas are spicy, creamy with loads of flavour. The recipe includes black beans as well, which works in providing fibre to the body along with protein. 
  • Can add green onions with extra veggies for a more flavorful dish. The best alternative of sour cream in the dish would be Greek yoghurt. It is a dish which you must try. 
  • Fried Rice with Vegies 
  • Rice is an all-time favourite dinner dish. This home food can be made with leftover rice as well. It includes veggies of your choice. One can add boiled egg and some corns in it to boost the overall taste of the dish. 
  • Can never go wrong with fried rice.