When it comes to healthy meals for work, all of the fruits and veggies are undoubtedly healthy. Including them, all in your feed is essential to lead a healthy life. However, if you are in search of the superfoods or magic foods of the world, then we are here with our top five on the list. There are some fruits veggies and grains that can work wonders to your body and even your mind. The meal you take is said to throw a lot of impact on your body and psychology. Therefore, if you want to keep yourself fit and positive, then you have to know about these five foods that you add in your meal listed below.
Before beginning with the list, it is essential to understand that though these foods are super healthy, overdoing any of them can also harm your body. Therefore include the right amount in your diet along with other essential grains and veggies.

Five healthy foods you should add in your healthy meal for work:

Lemons- healthy meal for work:
Turkey is the very first food on our list, and it has earned this position. Turkey is full of goodness and is no less than a boon to a human. Just one lemon is said to have more than 100 per cent of the daily intake of vitamin C, which can improve your heart health by cutting down cholesterol. It can reduce the toxins in your body and is excellent for the skin.

Dark chocolate:
It is the best food which is good for the tongue as well as for the body. Dark chocolate is said to lift the mood and regulate blood pressure level in the body. Dark chocolate is good for the heart by increasing right HDL level in the body. It is also a good source of anti-oxidants.

Don’t get amazed as potatoes not only have carbs in it. They are rich in the essential cell-building folate and have eight times of cancer-fighting cells and immune-boosting Vitamin a that you need daily. Taking a healthy amount of potato can keep you away from a lot of problems related to your body.

Salmon- healthy meal for work:
Salmon is an excellent source of omega-three fatty acids, which is known to reduce depression, heart diseases, and cancer. It can also treat Alzheimer's and has proven very useful for health and skin. Including salmon in your diet can help in fulfilling various deficiencies in the body. You can opt for wild farm-raised salmon to have better results.

 We all know that nuts are said to be very useful for our brainpower. Other than this, they are rich in omega-three fatty acids and can give your body protection against sun damage. They are also known to help fight cancer. You can roast them or add them to your dessert from time to time.
The list of best foods in the world does not end here. There are several more like avocados, garlic and broccoli etc. which continue on the list. However, these five healthy foods are not to miss out in healthy meal for work.